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We offer dust collector filter service and fleet air filter cleaning service at a fraction of replacement cost.

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Phoenix Filter Cleaning Service offers patented Sonic Dry Clean - - the world leader in air filter dry cleaning technology. Serving Southern California, Phoenix Filter Cleaning Service offers dust collector filter service and fleet air filter cleaning service at a fraction of replacement cost.

Phoenix Filter Cleaning Service offers special
discounts for first-time clients.

Door-to-door, personalized service additionally saves unnecessary shipping costs. Rather than disposing of filter cartridges after a single use, filters can be cleaned by the Phoenix Filter Service several times without loss of integrity or efficiency.

Filters cleaned by Phoenix Filter Cleaning Service fights pollution more efficiently and cleaner air filters save on fuel costs, reduces pollution, and provides cleaner exhaust emissions.

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A cartridge filter cleaning with this method is better than new! When first installed, a new filter is less than 100% efficient until it builds up a filtering shield know as the pre-coat. Most of the contaminants that pass through an air filter do so during the early part of the filter’s life - - when filter efficiency is at its lowest.

Only after the 5%-20% of a filter’s life passes does the filter develop the pre-coat. The pre-coat is formed when microscopic particles build up on the media surface – once formed the filter is capable of filtering target contaminants at 100% efficiency.

Unlike other methods, the Sonic Dry Clean process does not remove or damage the pre-coat. The engineered surface nozzles glance air off the filter at precise angles that completely clean the filter media without damaging the pre-coat.

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Designed for specialized cleaning of truck filters for fleets of ten or more. Companies can reduce their air filter costs by a significant amount. In addition to getting greater engine and work environment protection, a filter cleaned by our patented cleaning process will be a cleaner filter and provide better engine protection than replacing a dirty filter with a brand new filter.

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